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Voluflex brush Volume professional style detangle hair brush Made in USA

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Healthy Hair Volume

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Quicker & Healthier

Prevents Hair Breakage

prevents hair breakage & detangles

Perfect For Many Hair Types

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Made in USA

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156 reviews

Im sorry i cant give a review yet because until now i havent received my order yet


I love the consistency of my hair after using this brush. I’m looking forward to a long time relationship with it!

cow lick be gone

I have struggled for years with a stubborn cowlick on the crown of my hair. Your brush has solved this for me. Thank you so much for this product!

Great Possibilites

My hair is very short now, so the brush helps only a little. But it's enough to know that as it grows, the brush will give me just what I need! My hair is fine and has very little lift. I got a little bit even with it as short as it is now! (I am growing it out.)