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Voluflex brush Volume professional style detangle hair brush Made in USA

Healthy Volume Get Style


Healthy Hair Volume

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Quicker & Healthier

Prevents Hair Breakage

prevents hair breakage & detangles

Perfect For Many Hair Types

How to Add volume & style

How It Works

how to use & results

Made in USA

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See Fast & Healthy Volume

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107 reviews
Love the flexibility of it

Still trying to master it.

Great idea

Nice brush but couldn’t get the hang for using it. So sorry

Great for everyday use

I love my brush for blow drying and just brushing. I haven’t mastered the volumizer, but I like the give it offers for tangles. I’m glad I bought it.

Volume Brush - YES IT IS!!

I have fine hair & always look for products to add volume...most are disappointing or only last a short time. This Voluflex DOES add volume! It takes awhile to feel comfortable working with it, but worth the patience! I recommend it! I hope you like it too! 😍

Definitely not worth the money!!