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181 reviews

Very good quality but difficult to use the feature to lift hair at the roots. Definitely a little overpriced.


I like it but can’t justify outrageous price!

Love this Brush

I will not be without this brush! I have fine straight hair and I find this to be the best blow dry brush I have ever used. I am of an age where I am loosing some of my hair. I constantly work at trying to make my hair look fuller to cover up some of the weak areas. This brush has helped me do that. I use less time with the blower and get the look I want.

Brosse à cheveux

Allô, je suis tellement satisfaite de ma brosse , je réussi à donner du volume à mes cheveux très fins. Je la recommande. Merci ♥️Merci♥️

Saving the hair on my head

So very thankful to this company for so many reasons, I scoured the internet for weeks to find a brush made in America, believe me when I say the www didn't make it easy. I found this brush and while I dont blow dry my hair very often, this brush works great on my thin, slightly wavy blonde hair. I have had it over two weeks now and have only had to clear hair out of it once, compared to a daily cleaning. Other brushes were ripping my hair out. Im in my late 50s so I have used plenty of brushes in my life and was just sick of high dollar sell outs to China that just didnt work. Im telling all my friends, I will be back to buy a few more for gifts. I say keep up the good work, keep it in America and God bless you for making such a great product!! Ive been looking for 6 months