How do you add hair volume?

For best results, use a blow dryer with a concentrator on damp hair. Keep the brush in the same spot while pushing the movable section a few centimeters with your index finger and thumb, just enough to gently grab the hair, lift and ruffle it (push and twist if you want lift plus volume near the scalp). Maintain for a few seconds. Repeat if you want more hair volume in the area.

Should you be without a blow dryer, you can flex the movable section while hair is dry and use hairspray to lock in the volume. 

We believe this is the most innovative hairbrush on the market so it may take a few minutes to learn how to use it (the results are so worth it!). We love speaking with early adopters so please reach out to us if you still have questions. 


What makes your hair brush different?

The brush movement enables you to ruffles that give healthy volume to your hair. You don't have to damage your hair teasing it or using a lot of expensive product to hold your volume. This unique volume will last the whole day and only need to wash your hair to go back to your normal style.


What are the other Voluflex™ hair brush benefits?

We are proud of the hair volume results with different hair types and styles. Due to its flexible design, it is also great for straightening, curving, preventing hair breakage, detangling, removing parts, calics, and covering bald spots. Due to the middle section moving in the opposite direction of force, it's much gentler on the scalp and doesn't break your hair when compared to other hard brushes. Yeah, this brush is awesome!


Is the brush safe to use on hair extensions?

Absolutely, customers with extensions love the brush because it’s flexible design and wider teeth doesn’t yank their hair out, yet still has the healthy volume, style and detangling benefits! Like any brush, be careful when brushing the extensions above the attached area or you will risk pulling it out. 


Is the brush safe for the environment?

The brush was designed with the environment in mind. All materials used are non-toxic to the environment and chemical free. In fact, all the material is RoHS compliant so the brush will pass the strictest European countries environmental standards. 


Is my credit card information secure?

Yes! We use encryption services to process your payment, your credit card information is hidden from us.


What are your return and warranty policy?

There is a 60-day no-hassle exchange or money back guarantee. We know the brush works great but we understand it's not the right fit for everyone. If you purchased the product from our website, send us an email and we'll reply back with a return label. Place the brush back in its original custom shipper (much easier for you and saves the environment!). You can email (or include with return) proof of purchase information and mail the brushes to: 

668 Stony Hill Rd, Ste 1
Yardley, PA 19067


We will then refund your money in the way you paid for it (i.e. credit card, PayPal).

There is a lifetime warranty on manufacturing quality related issues.

If you purchased it from a qualified retailer, you would return the brush to them and comply with their respective return policies.


How do I get in touch?

All our contact information is on our Contact Us page. We love to hear from our customers so you're welcome to email hello@voluflex.com or call us should you have any questions. 


What retailers sell Voluflex?

We sell only to professional salons that fit our quality, service and cultural standards well. We will update this question and announce through our social media accounts should we decide to sell in retail stores. 


Do you ship internationally?

We're test shipping to Canada and UK right now. We plan on expanding this program once we can assure the delivery and customer service is fantastic. We will announce what countries we're expanding too via this website and our social media accounts.  


How does it flex and remain durable all those years?

Ummm, it took us many years to assure you will be wowed by the results and quality of the brush. It's a very long story so we like to say for now..... It's magic!

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187 reviews
Great Brush!

I have extremely thick, naturally curly hair, and this is the best brush I have ever used :-)

It’s tricky

I can’t get it to add volume because I can’t work it right.

Great for my hair was falling out from infusions.. couldn't brush it. Now it afraid to bush it.. wonderful brush thank you

It’s okay

It’s more like a regular hair brush - haven’t gotten the hang of creating much volume with it yet.

Hair brush

I don't. Iike it very mutch I find it hard to use with my hair dryer