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About Us

Voluflex creates environmentally safe products that are the fastest and healthiest way to add healthy hair volume. We know that when your hair looks great, you feel great!

Voluflex was founded in June 2017 after realizing we could make a fast and healthy hair volume brush solution in the USA. 

The idea started in February 2014 after friends kept mentioning that it takes too much time and use too much product to volumize their hair, especially being busy all day. After traveling to other parts of the world, new friends along the journey mentioned the same problem. Then, we realized achieving voluminous hair is not only a USA problem but a global one! 

So creating a universal elegant, yet simple solution for all our friends and perhaps Kevin (the founder) growing up in a hair salon (both my parents are hair stylists), made it a passion of his! So he moved from New York City in 2016 to Yardley, Pennsylvania in order to focus on product development, manufacturing, and resources to create the most beautiful, functional and user-friendly hairbrush on the market. 

Voluflex is proud of designing and manufacturing products in the USA. We spent over 2 years refining the design and relearning the hairbrush manufacturing process so you will have the most universal, elegant and durable hair brush you've ever owned!

We feel that this is the best volumizing hair brush solution on the market. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at

Voluflex founder kevin with hair stylist parents - our story


We Care About the Environment

We live in a world that provides valuable resources for everything we use and experience. Frankly, our dynamic colorful little world makes life.... beautiful. We believe sustainability and balance are critical for a better world and the responsible thing to do. So a contribution of every purchase goes toward animals and land conservation.

So these past 2 years we managed and maintained a 176-acre wildlife parcel of land in New Jersey. This includes delivering wildlife blend of vitamins and minerals to animal nutrition areas, more frequently during the difficult winter months. 

We set up trail cameras this past winter and can see deer, foxes, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and groundhogs visit the nutritional supplement areas numerous times each day. We were lucky to have an early June afternoon break to walk through the property. We saw 7 fawns throughout the fields and woods so the initial results of the program are fantastic (healthy fawn numbers implies healthy mothers).

Of course, we would like to increase our management area but first, we have to create hair products that you will love for many years to come. We are so looking forward to it!!

Here are a few fawn pictures from our walk. 


                                 Voluflex conservation - young male deer                                         Voluflex conservation - young female deer                            


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156 reviews

Im sorry i cant give a review yet because until now i havent received my order yet


I love the consistency of my hair after using this brush. I’m looking forward to a long time relationship with it!

cow lick be gone

I have struggled for years with a stubborn cowlick on the crown of my hair. Your brush has solved this for me. Thank you so much for this product!

Great Possibilites

My hair is very short now, so the brush helps only a little. But it's enough to know that as it grows, the brush will give me just what I need! My hair is fine and has very little lift. I got a little bit even with it as short as it is now! (I am growing it out.)