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Voluflex hair brush dramatically increases your hair volume fast and healthy using the patent-pending head design. Perfect for short to long hair and all hair types, that means you! This will be your first and only hair brush made in the USA.

Creating non-damaging hair ruffles makes happy healthy hair volume. Compared to backcombing or teasing, this way is much faster, using less product and you won't cause hair breakage. Can you imagine putting your fingers through your newly discovered hair volume!! 

In this post (with short videos) we'll show you how easy it is to use your new favorite hair brush! The directions start from easy to more advanced hair styling uses for the brush. 

As an extra bonus; it styles and prevents hair breakage too.


Pixie cut hair volume brush style


Adding Healthy Hair Volume

1. Start with damp clean hair. Use a blow dryer with a concentrator attached (warm but not too hot, high heat is bad for hair!).

2. In area you want more volume. Gently push the middle bristles with thumb and index finger, this ruffles the hair. Keep in the same spot for a few seconds.

3. Let go of the bristles to see how much volume you obtained the first time (after using it for a few sessions, you'll know how many times you should push the bristles in different sections of your scalp and hair sections).

4. Repeat in the same area if you want more volume.

5. Extra Help: Use a small amount of setting lotion, hair spray or mousse before drying your hair for even better results and to lock-in that volume all day. 


This video shows how you move the brush with your fingers and what you are doing to create fast healthy hair volume. The push/pull brush tension becomes easier as you use a warm blow-dry for hairstyling. The reason you maintain the brush in the same spot is you want small ruffles in your hair to set (don't worry, your hair won't look wavy. Each hair strand is actually taking up more space). 


Watch how easy it is to add volume to short hair. Perfect for volume and styling pixie cuts too!


You can see the amazing results!

Note: If your hair is straighter then before you started, you were brushing (moved the brush along the length of your hair) while the bristles were pushed! You created pull tension on the hair while closing the hair cuticles. You'd be surprised how many frizzy long-haired women figured this out and use it just for that. We don't advertise this because straightening hair is the exact opposite of what we are trying to do. 

Let us know if you want better results and we'll give you more 1-1 custom instructions.

Now Let's see more detailed ways to add volume to your hair type. 


Adding Volume for Short, Medium and Long Hair

For most lengths and hairstyles, you would work in sections. For short hair, you can just star where you want the volume. For longer hair, start with hair section farthest away from your part and build it up in layers (so each blowout section sits on top of last section you did.  


This is how your would add volume to a hair section. Notice the hairstylist is staying in one spot and repeats until he likes the volume in the area. The reason the stylist achieved results so fast is he added a small amount of setting lotion and pushed hard on the bristles. You don't have to push on middle section bristles this hard!! Just need to gently push and do it a few more times. So instead of 5 pushes, you can achieve the same results doing it 10 times. However, this hair has a severe thin spot over a large area so you will achieve great results with much less than 10 pushes


Here's a video on how to do long hair. 


Aren't these results amazing! We didn't use any products (only water) so you can save so much money on all that extra product. The vented design dries your hair much faster so you can save so much time too. With this brush, you will look like a beautiful lioness!


Adding Volume and Styling Pixie Cuts

This is a more advanced video since the hairstylist is shaping the hair after creating the desired volume. The brush technique adds volume the same way no matter the length of hair. Just push, hold for a few seconds, then release before brushing through the hair. Ignore when the stylist is lifting up the hair for now, this hairstylist is volumizing and styling at the same time so it's an advanced video (teaching hairstylist styling technique after adding volume to the area. You can't clearly see that the hairstylist releases the bristles before brushing through and shaping the hair. He does release it before brushing through hair). Pushing and holding the bristles in the same area while drying your hair is what creates healthy volume. You could add volume and style at the same time like a professional one day, but first, let's focus on the volume part;)


Watch how easy it is to add volume to short hair. Perfect for volume and styling pixie cuts too!

 You can see the amazing results!



......Now for more ADVANCED uses!


medium length hair style brunette smiling at camera

Hair Styling

We have to admit that we didn't expect these benefits during the initial design; however, hair stylists taught us how true artists use the brush. We want to thank them for their beautiful creativity and amazing feedback. 

These amazing benefits are due to the different ways you can move the middle section and your wrist. We'll show you how the professionals do it (video below) so you can use your imagination on how to style your new hair! 


For best results, start with damp hair and a blow dryer.

Redirect (curl) by twisting the middle section where you want the redirected hair. Hold for a few seconds (or until dry). You no longer need to waste time waiting for a hot iron to warm up or damage your hair!

Curve (sculpting) at the end by pushing (or pulling) the middle section to gently grab hair near your scalp. Continue pushing while you work your way down the hair section so it has some time to dry. Since you have gentle tension on the hair, you can move toward the direction you want to curve it. 

Straighten by pushing and holding the middle section. Work your way down the hair section while it's drying. This mild tension straightens while closing the hair cuticles. Repeat until you achieve desired hair straightness. No more frizzy hair after washing it!

Volume middle to the end of your hair.  By pushing the middle bristles and keeping it the same spot for a few seconds. This creates healthy hair ruffles. Let go and move 2 centimeters down and push and hold in the same spot again until dry. Continue to work your way down the hair length. Move only 1/2-1 centimeter down or redo the same hair section if you want more hair volume. 

This is a short video showing how to redirect, curve, straighten and add volume. 


This is one amazing hair brush! 

The video is fast so your welcome to contact us if you have additional questions!!

........But wait, there's one more benefit!


Voluflex volume hairbrush detangler closeup

Prevents Hair Breakage

An additional benefit to Voluflex's flexible material design naturally moves in the opposite direction of the force, so it gently detangles without pulling your hair out. You can use it every day and no longer have to fear brushing your hair..... Wet or dry, short or long, this is the hair brush for you!

Here's a review from a happy customer. Watch how easy it is to brush your long thick hair without pulling your hair out.



You can see the design and material flexibility detangles and won't break your hair......... Do you need any other brush? Now you can get rid of your obsolete hair brushes!

You can see a list of more benefits and features on our product page.


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Great Brush!

I have extremely thick, naturally curly hair, and this is the best brush I have ever used :-)

It’s tricky

I can’t get it to add volume because I can’t work it right.

Great for my hair was falling out from infusions.. couldn't brush it. Now it afraid to bush it.. wonderful brush thank you

It’s okay

It’s more like a regular hair brush - haven’t gotten the hang of creating much volume with it yet.

Hair brush

I don't. Iike it very mutch I find it hard to use with my hair dryer