Gorgeous Bob Cuts For Fine Hair

You might think that your fine hair is a curse, but that’s just because you don’t know how to make the best of it! Sure, your hair has a hard time trying to hold a curl and can often look flat and lifeless, having flat hair isn’t really a bad thing as long as you know how to style it! 

There are plenty of perks to having fine hair, such as not having to spend a long time blow-drying your hair. You can also effortlessly tie your fine hair in a ponytail or a low bun and still have a chic hairstyle. However, many women with fine hair often complain about the lack of volume their hair has. You can easily perk up fine, flat hair, but you just need to know what are the best cuts for thin hair and the proper ways to style it! Of course, using our Voluflex hair brush for fast healthy volume is the way to go too. 

One great hairstyle for fine hair is a bob cut. You might have noticed that tons of celebrities these days are rocking the chic short hairstyle, and that’s because it’s a versatile look for just about any face shape and hair type, including thin hair. Here are a few of the best bob haircuts for fine hair to ask your stylist for the next time you’re headed to the salon.


Gorgeous bob cut hairstyle on length with long bangs

One-Length Bob Cut Complete With Long Bangs

Straight hair doesn’t have to be a cure when you opt for this classic bob haircut! The one-length bob is an amazing option if you have super straight hair! The one length is easy to maintain, but the long bangs will give the chic bob haircut for fine hair lots of depth and dimension. Plus, it’s pretty easy to get volume at the crown with the help of some styling products and a backcomb!



Gorgeous layered bob cut hairstyle for fine flat hair

Layered Bob Cut

The layered bob is perfect for fine, flat hair since the layers will create added volume. The shorter pieces seamlessly work together with the longer ones to retain the length. But at the same time, the shorter layers add bounce to fine hair. To get a textured look, just use some dry shampoo on clean hair at the roots for a tousled look.



Gorgeous short bob cut with wispy layers

Wispy Short Bob Cut

Bobs come in all lengths, but the wispy short bob is angled so it’s shorter in the back, but longer in the front. Then add texture to the bob cut by bumping the ends to get wispy curves that add movement to fine hair. You’ll love the easy-to-do style that really adds flair to thin hair.



Bob cut with stacked layers

Stacked Short Bob Cut

If you want something super easy to maintain, the stacked short bob is just what you need. It features longer layers in the back so you can still pull it back when you want a low-key hair day. Add some curls for when you want to look your best and then maintain those tousled tresses for a few days after. This short bob haircut is great for those that live active lifestyles and need a simple, yet chic, style!



Shoulder length bob cut hairstyle with layers

Shoulder-Length Bob Hairstyle With Layers

If you don’t want to commit to a shorter bob, you can always opt for a shoulder-length bob with layers. Layered lengths are easy to style regardless if you prefer your hair straight or in waves. Plus, this length flatters all face types!



Long bob cut hairstyle with chopped layers

Long Bob Hairstyle With Chopped Layers

If even ends are too boring for you, why not try a choppy crop that’ll give your bob some flair? It’ll also help give fine hair more texture, giving off the appearance of lots of volume.

You can easily achieve these hairstyles with healthy hair volume using our Voluflex hairbrush.


We want our whole Voluflex family to have healthy hair so you look and feel your best! You can read more about our We Love Healthy Hair articles for new ideas, tips and trends. Let us know what hair type you have and we'll write a healthy hair article for you!

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Great for my hair was falling out from infusions.. couldn't brush it. Now it afraid to bush it.. wonderful brush thank you

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