7 of the Hottest Medium Layered Haircuts

The great thing about having medium-length hair is how easy it is to maintain. If you’re a busy woman and need a style that works with your busy lifestyle, then a medium-layered haircut is just what you need. This shoulder-length cut features top layers that are cut shorten than the bottom ones to provide the illusion of length and volume. These layers also add texture to limp hair, which is perfect when you have fine, straight hair. But if you have thicker hair, medium-layered haircuts will create bouncy and lighter looks. Here are some of the hottest medium-layered haircuts right now:

 Medium long layer hairstyle

Long Layers

Long layers are the perfect way to add length to a medium cut, while still having fun and flirty pieces that will add volume to your hair. It’s a classic look and is easy to style. Plus is a medium-layered haircut that works with practically every face shape, making it versatile for any woman. It’s also still long enough to be pulled up and the layers can be taken out for a chic look.


Tapered medium length hairstyle volume voluflex

Tapered Medium Length Hairstyle

If you want a style that looks good on a wide range of hair type, a tapered medium-length look is just what you should have your stylist give you. It’ll look great on curly hair or straight hair, with or without bangs. The cut features hair down to the nape of your neck and then layered pieces throughout, with shorter ones at the crown that should be teased for added volume.


Medium length shaggy layers voluflex

Medium Shaggy Layers

Another great medium-layered haircut is a shag with long (or short layers). The shag is chic and trendy, making it a go-to cut for many women. Hair is cut to one’s shoulders and then layered with shaggy layers that are flattering and flirty. If your hair has a natural wave to it, you’ll be able let it dry naturally for a flattering look or curl it for a sophisticated style.


Medium length long lob with choppy layers

Long Lob With Choppy Layers

A long lob is a popular medium cut, but add in some choppy layers for a sexy style that’s easy to maintain. If you like the more lived-in look, this is the hairstyle you’ll need for that laidback cut you crave. Use your hot tools for a more polished look or let your hair dry naturally for days you just want to get up and go.


Medium length textured lob with bangs

Textured Lob With Bangs

If you have thick hair, the best style you can get is a blunt, textured lob with some very angular bangs for a standout look. The flatiron will be your best friend, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you see how sleek and chic the cut looks when you’re done styling.


Medium length shoulder length curly bob voluflex

Curly Bob

Curly hair women can rejoice and hop on the hottest medium-layered haircut trend when they opt for a curly bob. The bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front and features light, whispy bangs for a romantic look. If your hair is naturally curly, you’ll only need to use your preferred products for some defined curls, or you can use a curling iron with a small barrel to achieve the tousled look.


Medium length face framing layers voluflex

Face Framing Layers

If you’re into a no-fuss haircut, a simple lop with face framing layers will make getting ready in the morning much easier. The simple cut features long layers at the face that start right at the chin and then frame the face. It’s great for those with a wide-jawed face since it makes it appear smaller.


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