Long Haircuts For Oval Faces

Knowing your face shape can help you make the right choice when it comes to a long haircut that will look great on you! No woman wants to walk out of the salon unhappy and with an unflattering haircut, so knowing what face shape you have can make all the difference in you feeling confident with your new trendy hairstyle.

Oval faces have no sharp angles, which is why it’s actually considered the “ideal” face shape and the most common shaped face. Those with oval face shapes have a longer face than it is wide. Think of the same shape as a perfect egg, with the cheekbones the widest part of their face. These face shapes feature a forehead and jaw that are rounded, while the sides of their face is a bit curved. Celebrities with an oval face include Sienna Miller, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Scarlett Johansson.


Here are a few long haircuts that are flattering for those with oval faces



long haircut with side bangs

 Long Shag with Side Bangs

One of the best long haircuts for oval faces is a long shag that also incorporates sexy side bangs. The cut should be long and layered, just reaching the middle of the back for the best look. Add in some face-framing layers and a side fringe, and your oval face will look amazing. While this long haircut will work for just about any shape of the face, it really complements an oval face since it brings out other facial features that detract from the oval shape. While you’ll want to style it using a flat iron for the best look, make sure that you use thermal products to protect your hair when using heated styling tools regularly.



long haircut shag hairstyle

Modern Shag from the ‘60s

The shag was popular in the 1960s and a modern take on it includes geometric bangs and face-framing layers. The sleek long haircut works best with oval faces since the layers and bangs really accentuate the person’s lips and eyes, while also shortening the length of their oval face altogether. The style is pretty easy to maintain, but regular bang trims will be needed to uphold the look long-term. It also works best for those with oval faces, who have thick, straight hair.



long haircuts full volume brunette hair

Full Volume Hair

This long haircut includes lots of layers in order to be able to get all that volume. The haircut is also tapered around the face so that the layers accentuates the chin and cheeks. Long, side-swept bangs will also shorten the look of an oval face. Think big Hollywood hair that’s a favorite among Victoria Secret’s models. This style also works best for those with long, fine or dense hair.



long haircuts romantic long layers

Romantic Long Layers

If you want to look like a sultry siren, then long and romantic layers with soft curls will look wonderful with your oval face. To make it look even better, the long haircut needs to be styled in such a way that the curls bends away from the face in order to really accentuate the lips and cheekbones. It’ll really soften the long look of an oval face and can even work for someone who prefers bangs. This style also works best on those with long hair that’s either medium or fine.



long haircuts mermaid shag

Mermaid Shag

For a chic and standout look, those with oval faces might want to consider the mermaid shag, which is a flirty longer haircut style that has lots of short layers and texturized side bangs. The layers will soften the look of an oval face, while the short layers will add tons of volume.

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