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Long Hairstyles For Women

There’s something about healthy long hair that’s appealing to women. Maybe the trend is inspired by the fairytale of Rapunzel or the fact that you have tons of options when it comes to hairstyles, but ask women what type of hair they’d love to have and the majority will say long. Many women crave healthy long, luscious locks that they can style in dozens of ways. But no matter how you style it, long hairstyles will really never go out of style and will definitely turn heads as people stare in admiration. Here are a few of the best long hairstyles looks to try.


Healthy long hair bohemian braid blog

Bohemian Braids

Long hair is a bohemian staple and to complete the look, try face-framing braids combined with soft, loose waves that beg to be touched. This hairstyle is great for festivals or just whenever you’re looking for a simple style that’s easy to create and looks amazing. All you need to do is create two small braids on both sides of your head and then curl the rest of your hair. Brush out and use texture products to finish the slightly undone look! You can try yourself by looking at this video by Niki Sky  



healthy long hairstyle sleek and straight hair by voluflex

Sleek and Straight

    Show off your long locks with a sleek and straight style that’s bold! Straight hair is anything but boring and will show off how healthy your long hair is. You can easily get this look with a Voluflex hairbrush and finish it off with a straight iron. Just don’t forget to use anti-frizz products so that you don’t have annoying flyaways.


    healthy long hairstyle ideas beachy waves by voluflex

    Beachy Waves

    Long hair looks amazing when it’s styled in beachy waves. To create soft, tousled waves that look like you’ve been at the beach all day, you simply need the right products. The right curling iron can easily get you this look! You just need to make sure that you curl your hair halfway down to get the perfect waves. You can pull your hair into a ponytail and curl just the tied section with a curling wand. Or you place your hair in a few small buns around your hair and let it air dry if you want a more low-maintenance technique. 



    healthy long hair style ideas romantic waves by voluflex

    Romantic Waves

    If you want something more sophisticated and beach waves just won’t do, you can go for romantic waves for an automatic Hollywood chic look! These romantic waves are perfect for formal or special events. Start with one-day-old hair or use a spray texturizer to give the hair some grittiness, which will help secure the curl. You’ll want to curl your hair from the bottom up and go with the natural curve of your hair for best results.



    long hair style ideas trendy chic ponytail

    Chic Ponytail

    When you have long hair, you’ll be able to elevate a simple ponytail! For a fun and flirty look, create a high ponytail and then curl the ends so that they cascade down the back of your head.  Or opt for the cool girl ponytail by gathering your hair at the base of your neck and then bring out loose strands at the front for a cool, tousled look. Alex Gaboury does a beautiful demonstration, here's her YouTube video.



    long hair style ideas cascading waterfall braids

    Cascading Braids

    Long hair looks amazing when in braids since the strands are so long. Whether it’s a standard braid, Dutch braid or French braid, you’ll be able to do it all thanks to your long locks!

    Having long hair provides you with tons of options when it comes to styling it. Just remember that whatever style you choose, it’ll always look better with healthy long hair!


    Should you have any questions about how to do these hairstyles, email us at Stay beautiful and have a volume full day! xo

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