7 Long Hairstyles With Layers to Try This Summer

Even though the weather is warming up, you might be tempted to cut your hair shorter to stay cooler on hot summer days. Whatever you do…don’t do it! Come winter, you’ll regret your decision, especially if you have had long hair for quite a while. Although it’s just hair and it will grow back, many women with long hairstyles do confess that there’s a period of mourning their long, luscious locks for a bit before they get used to their shorter hair.

To distract yourself from going shorter this summer, here are a few long hairstyles with layers to try this summer to freshen up your look – because let’s be honest, you’re probably looking for a change!


Long hairstyles with layers to try this summer multi-layers long hair mix

The Multi-Layered Long Hair Mix

If you want a sleek and sophisticated cut for long hair, ask your stylist for multi-layers that’ll provide you with movement and lots of body. The secret here is the mixture of layers throughout your long hair, with the shortest layers framing your face. However, the other layers are mid-length and are perfect for those who need a fresh, new style.


long hairstyles with layers to try this summer u-cut mid back swoopy layers

U-Cut, Mid-Back with Swoopy Layers

If your hair is thick, a blunt U-shaped long haircut will give it density. The long layers will make your hair look sleeker, while the choppy and shorter layers will give your hair texture and body you crave. It’s a fairly easy look that anyone with thick hair can pull off for a polished new hairstyle!


long hairstyles with layers to try this summer all types mixture

All Types of Layers

Fabulous hair is only one haircut away! Ask your stylist for a mixture of layers, including short, medium and long ones that run throughout your hair. The multiple layers will provide your hair with excellent movement, making it way easier to style when the weather heats up! You’ll love how versatile this cut is when you want to put it in a ponytail in the summer thanks to the texture the layers added. You can also style your hair in messy buns and braids for cooler looks while still retaining your long hair.


long hairstyles with layers to try this summer with perfectly feathered ends

Long Layers With Perfectly Feathered Ends

Don’t sacrifice length, but still get lots of shine and chic texture with a cut that features long layers with perfectly feathered ends! It’s a simple cut with loads of impact since it will create a shape for your hair and add movement to the mix!


long hairstyles with layers to try this summer v-cut style

V-Cut Layers

When you ask your stylist for long hairstyles with layers, she’ll most likely recommend V-cut layers since it’s so classic. This cut focuses on adding more dimension to your hair by adding shorter front pieces that cascade into longer pieces. Add some face-framing bands and you’ve got a traditional long hairstyle that’s perfect for any type of hair texture, including wavy, straight and curly. 


Long hairstyles with layers to try this summer penelope cruz having subtle layers 

Subtle Layers

Cutting your hair in such a way that it features subtle layers that seamlessly all blend together is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to lose their long length, but still wants the illusion of layers instead of having to deal with the upkeep of them.


 long hairstyles with layers to try this summer shakira with her tousled hair

Long, Tousled Layers

Have your stylist cut your hair and layer it in a way that copies the bedhead, tousled look of Brigitte Bardot! Your long locks will look great with heavy banks and some tousled waves for an incredibly sexy hairstyle!

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