Long Pixie Cut

When you first think of a pixie cut, a short hairstyle immediately comes to mind, right? Well, you’d be half right given there are long pixie cuts, too. Although they are still short hairstyles in theory, a long pixie cut features longer pieces in certain places. Long pixie cut looks is a gorgeous way to wear your hair short and very trendy at the moment. The perfect long pixie cut can be sophisticated, elegant and super glam. Plus, it’s very versatile and there are a few options when it comes to long pixie cuts. Here are a few amazing long pixie cuts to try the next time you’re headed to the salon:



long pixie cut hairstyle v-cut layers

V-Pixie Cut Layers

A pixie cut doesn’t have to be really short like many people think. If you’re going for a longer length pixie cut, you’ll be able to experiment with different silhouettes. V-cut layers can really enhance the look. Ask your stylist to try cutting the hair short in the front and leaving the hair a bit longer in the back. Or, have them cut it very short at the nape of your neck and then leave long layers on top.



long pixie cut with crown razored layers

Razored Layers At The Crown

To really give volume to your long pixie cut, go with razored layers at the crown of your head. This is ideal if you have fine hair and love short hairstyles since it can really help provide you with texture and dimension. Your fine hair won’t look dull or boring and you’ll love the volume you get on top. The razored layers on top can also add height and give you style options to be bold one day with spikes and soft, wispy layers the next.



long pixie cut with long front bangs

Long Pixie Cut Bangs

The best way to really style your long pixie cut is to ask your stylist for long bangs out front. It’s very trendy and looks super cute no matter what look you’re going for. The choppy layers out front really add depth and can look soft or edgy depending on how you style it.



long pixie cut edgy long with several lengths

Edgy Long Pixie Cut

A long pixie cut can be several lengths, depending on the look you want to achieve. You can have random shorter layers around your head for some extra thickness or just wear your hair smooth and ruffle up the long layers for some versatility and edge.



long pixie cut bob hybrid swept front bangs

Bob/Long Pixie Cut Hybrid

There is such a thing as a long pixie that almost looks like a bob. This happens when the layers are long and look a bit grown out. It’s ideal for those that want a sleek and smooth look that gives maximum impact. You can use a straightener for some smooth locks. Also, go with a lengthy side fringe to really flatter your face!



long pixie cut shaggy side swept layers

Shaggy Side-Swept Long Pixie Cut

If you want something fierce, a shaggy long pixie cut with side-swept layers can really give you some disheveled style. But the super short style does require a bold attitude since it’s very androgynous (which not many can pull off with style).



long pixie cut long straight brunette hair

Long Straight Pixie Cut

A long straight pixie cut features sliced layers that are very posh and dramatic. It’s a textured cut that is feminine and edgy at the same time, perfect for a fierce woman on the go!



long pixie cut shaggy long hair fabulous for face framing

Shaggy Long Pixie Cut

An asymmetrical shaggy and long pixie cut is pretty low maintenance and has uneven layers so that you can tousle them on top and bottom. Plus, the face-framing bangs can really give an urban look to your long pixie cut!


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