Why Medium Hairstyles Are The Easiest To Maintain

When it comes to hairstyles, not everyone has the time or money to keep really short locks or luscious long hair. Some people need easy hairstyles due to their busy lives and want something that’s still cute, trendy and pretty, but won’t take a long time to fix.

For women looking for a no-hassle hairdo, medium hairstyles work wonders (which is described as a style that falls between the tops of your shoulders, just below your collarbones)! They’re the perfect length for just about any style, but don’t require as much work as really short or longer hairstyles.

Many celebrities actually have medium hairstyles for this mere fact! They simply add hair extensions whey they feel like having really long hair. But every once in a while, they’ll sport their natural medium-length hair for their effortless look. No matter what your age is medium hairstyles look amazing and they’re always on-trend.

Women sometimes prefer medium hairstyles over longer or shorter ones because they are easy to style and convenient, especially if you're using our Voluflex hairbrush. While there are some medium hairstyles that do take quite a bit of work and skill to perfect, the majority are easy. These styles definitely take less time to take care of because you don’t have to be as precise as shorter styles need or extra time to get through inches upon inches of hair.

As the most popular hair length for women, medium hairstyles are not only low-maintenance but flattering and sexy. But the key is finding the right cut for your face shape and avoiding those that are anything but flattering. Here are some of the best and worst medium hairstyles for your particular face shape:


medium length hairstyles with round face beachy waves beautiful fashion trends voluflex blog

Round Face

The worst thing you can add to a round face with medium-length hair is bangs. They just make your face look rounder. In order to help create the illusion that your face has angles, you can do longer bangs that are swept to the side. But generally shoulder-length hair is a great style for round faces and it doesn’t matter if it’s straight or curled. Beachy waves look amazing with medium hairstyles, which are easy to create.


medium length hairstyles for square face fashion trendy 

Square Face

Square faces have very particular angles to their face, so side bangs don’t work well given they create more angles on an angular face. The best look for a square face is a long bob that’s angled at the bottom with face-hugging sides that will soften the jawline. A center part will also de-emphasize the facial width and angles.


medium length hairstyles heart shaped face with bangs beautiful hair fashion trends

Heart Face

Heart-shaped faces should avoid medium hairstyles that really emphasize the forehead or it’ll just make it appear bigger. Also, skip styles that add loads of volume to the sides. The best look is sleek, no-volume side with bangs that sway across the forehead.


medium length hairstyles oval head ideas to maintain and look great 

Oval Face

Oval faces are the best face shapes to have, but that doesn’t mean the shape has its worst looks. Oval faces with over-worked styles can really detract from your beauty. So over-the-top medium hairstyles that are too busy will be too hard to keep up. So if you have an oval face, it’s best if you go for simplicity. Unfussy, casual waves and sexy long bangs that drape across the forehead make a medium-length hairstyle look effortlessly chic!


medium length hairstyles maintain idea for oblong face voluflex healthy hair blog

Oblong Face

Oblong faces really benefit from medium hairstyles since they make your face look skinnier and longer. Volume also looks amazing with this face shape so go for a medium style that’s full. You can easily achieve this healthy hair volume and style using our Voluflex hairbrush.

Although medium hairstyles were thought of as just a growing-out phase in the past, these versatile hairstyles have risen in popularity thanks to the fact that it looks good on everyone!


Should you have any questions about how to do these hairstyles using our hair brush, go to How to Add Volume and Style page, or email us at hello@voluflex.comStay beautiful and have a volume full day!

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