Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

There’s a reason why medium length hairstyles are so popular among many women – because it’s so versatile! Medium hairstyles work great on every type of hair textures, especially thin hair. You can easily have a beautiful hairstyle that appears thick and luscious despite only having thin hair. Having fine hair doesn’t have to be a drag when you know which medium hairstyles for thin hair works best!


Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair Angled Bob

Angled Bob

If you can’t stand having thin hair, you might want to try an angled bob to add volume to lifeless strands. This cut will keep your hair should length and still add some style to it. Plus, it’s super manageable, allowing you to do a lot with this style!


 Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair with Medium Length Bangs

Add Medium Length Bangs

Add some sophisticated style to your medium hair with some bangs. While your thin hair might not be able to really hold waves or curls very well, you can still get a chic look with straight, swoopy layered bangs. But beware that bangs do require regular maintenance or else they’ll look shaggy and worn.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers

Adding choppy layers to your thin hair will help brighten up your style for any occasion. The look is sweet and sassy, but totally bold and voluminous for those with naturally fine hair.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair Voluflex Lob

Voluflex Volume Lob

The lob is a popular medium hairstyle for thin hair because it’s easy to maintain and style. You can make your hair look fuller when you tousle it! All you need to do is use Voluflex your fine hair ends in an upward motion and then use the brush near the crown, too. You’ll love how thick this trick can make your thin hair appear!


Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair U-Shaped Medium Haircut

U-Shaped Medium Haircut

This haircut will give you 1970s vibes since it adds bounce at the ends to make your thin hair look thicker and fuller than it really is. The cut benefits from layers that are styled in such a way that you twist the hair at the bottom outward. You can use a curling iron, hot rollers or even a flat iron to achieve.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair Inverted Medium Haircuts

Inverted Medium Haircuts

An inverted medium haircut is shorter in the back and longer in the front. The great thing about this cut is that it not only adds tons of body to thin hair, but it also gives you a chic edgy look that you’ll absolutely love. Add in some choppy layers and you’ve got a modern look that makes it seem as if you have fuller hair.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair Swoopy Layers

Swoopy Layers

Having a mid-length cut with swoopy layers won’t overwhelm your fine hair, but will add in movement thanks to the sway the layers provide. This cut looks great when you add in some dynamic color or else it can look flat.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair Pompadour Pixie

Pompadour Pixie

You don’t always have to get your haircut to make your thin hair appear thicker! Thanks to the front pompadour, you’ll be able to make your hair look thicker by adding volume to the front in the form of a pompadour. Just take the front portion of hair, tousle it so that it has volume and then secure with bobby pins at the top of your head. This works for medium hairstyles and shorter ones, too!

You can easily achieve these hairstyles with healthy hair volume using our Voluflex hairbrush.


We want our whole Voluflex family to have healthy hair so you look and feel your best! You can read more about our We Love Healthy Hair articles for new ideas, tips and trends. Let us know what hair type you have and we'll write a healthy hair article for you!

Should you have any questions about your hair or how to do these hairstyles using our hairbrush, you can go to Voluflex hairbrush or email us at Stay beautiful and have a healthy hair volume full day!

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All are adorable, however thin, fine hair would never hold any of these styles without a solid can of Aquanet extra extra extra hurricane force hair spray.

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I will not be without this brush! I have fine straight hair and I find this to be the best blow dry brush I have ever used. I am of an age where I am loosing some of my hair. I constantly work at trying to make my hair look fuller to cover up some of the weak areas. This brush has helped me do that. I use less time with the blower and get the look I want.

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Allô, je suis tellement satisfaite de ma brosse , je réussi à donner du volume à mes cheveux très fins. Je la recommande. Merci ♥️Merci♥️

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So very thankful to this company for so many reasons, I scoured the internet for weeks to find a brush made in America, believe me when I say the www didn't make it easy. I found this brush and while I dont blow dry my hair very often, this brush works great on my thin, slightly wavy blonde hair. I have had it over two weeks now and have only had to clear hair out of it once, compared to a daily cleaning. Other brushes were ripping my hair out. Im in my late 50s so I have used plenty of brushes in my life and was just sick of high dollar sell outs to China that just didnt work. Im telling all my friends, I will be back to buy a few more for gifts. I say keep up the good work, keep it in America and God bless you for making such a great product!! Ive been looking for 6 months

Cowlick tamer!

I ordered to help disguise a large cowlick at my crown and the Voluflex brush helps a lot. It also provides a nice lift at the crown and helps my hair look fuller. It is however, difficult and awkward to maneuver the brush over the entire head because of the thumb and finger placement necessary to obtain results