The Best Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Thin hair isn’t the most ideal hair type for hairstyle options. Thin and fine hair are often two words to describe a hair type that’s associated to having lightweight hair strands that are more prone to breakages. Thin hair refers to the density of the hair you have, which is the number of strands on your head. Individuals with fine hair usually have fewer hairs due to hair loss, genetics or breakage. It’s the total opposite of thick hair, which is course, unruly and can be hard to manage. Thin hair is often limp and doesn’t hold a curl.

Many find it hard to find the best hairstyle when they have thin hair. But to make your search much easier, here are a few of the best hairstyles for thin hair, so that you can have those luscious locks you’ve always dreamed up – regardless if it’s short or long.


Wavy lob best hairstyles for thin hair voluflex hairbrush

Wavy Lob

The wavy lob (or long bob) is the hottest style around! Not only is it very versatile, but it’s also great for all hair types and textures, especially those with thin hair. That’s because it’s the perfect length. It’s actually short enough that it won’t fall flat as easily as long hair, but it’s not too short for those who prefer longer hairstyles. Plus, the wavy texture gives off the illusion of fuller hair.


Asymmetrical bob best hairstyles for thin hair using voluflex volume hairbrush

Asymmetrical Bob

Although you might want to get a straight-edge bob, think twice about it because it isn’t the best hairstyle for thin hair. In fact, it’ll just look flat and it can make you older than you are. Instead, go with an asymmetrical bob that’s longer on one side. This will add dimension for your hair and can really help sharpen your face. Plus, you can part your asymmetrical bob to whatever side you prefer to really amp up volume.


 Deep side part best hairstyles for thin hair using voluflex hairbrush

Deep Side Part

Never go with hairstyles that feature dead-center parts because those with thin hair will notice that it’ll make their hair look flat. Instead, it’s better to try and experiment with which side you prefer and start parting your hair that way. Always part your hair about three inches from the center so that it makes your thin hair look fuller. A deep side part and a lob will look great and add some sophistication to your look!


 pixie cut best hairstyles for thin hair using voluflex hairbrush

Pixie Cuts

If you don’t mind short hair and have the face shape for it, definitely try a pixie cut! It’s a very flattering hairstyle for thin hair and is very low maintenance. You can add texture and layers on top to give you volume and edge.


 Wrapped ponytail best hairstyles for thin hair using voluflex hairbrush

Wrapped Ponytail

You might feel as if there aren’t a lot of hairstyles that work with fine hair, but there really is. One that really works wonders and looks amazing is a wrapped ponytail. All you need to do is put your hair into a high or low messy ponytail and then wrap a piece of your hair under the ponytail around it and secure with bobby pins. The wrapped hair will make it look as if you have more hair!


 Wispy layers best hairstyles for thin hair using voluflex hairbrush

Wispy Layers

Girls with thin hair that want a medium-length cut should go with a look that features wispy front layers. The wispy layers should ideally start at the bottom of your chin and then go down to the ends of the hair. These front layers will not only frame your face, but also add texture and more volume. Just remember that the back of your hair should be cut straight because layers in the back can look scraggly when you have thin hair.

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