When You Should Consider a Pixie Cut

Very few women are brave enough rock a pixie cut! The short hairstyle is actually very trendy and not so hard to maintain. As the ultimate short ‘do, a pixie cut is actually very flattering for the right person. The chic short hair cut has stunning style and many celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Emma Watson have worn it. The trick to mastering the pixie cut is getting daring enough to chop off all your hair for such a short look.

But we promise, a pixie cut is so worth it! The short style is ideal for summer when the weather is warmer. You won’t have to worry about blow-drying your hair on a hot summer day or worrying about spending loads of time on your hair in the mornings. If you’re on the fence about getting a pixie cut, here are some reasons to just do it:



pixie cut blonde self expression white shirt blue jeans

Ultimate self-expression

A pixie cut is anything but a cookie-cutter style and it’s something that you don’t see all the time. So if you wear your hair like this, you better believe you’ll get complimented on your ‘do all the time! And you can even customize the look when it comes to your hair color or even the length of your bangs. We Love Jenny's (pictured above) pixie cut self-expression. She combines her inspirational pixie cut styles with her killer fashion instincts, you can see more about her (and follow her like we do!) on Instagram @jejojejo87



pixie cut hair is damaged long pixie haircut

Your hair is damaged

If your hair is beyond damaged, you might need to just cut it off to let it grow out healthy again. As you’re waiting to grow it out, now’s the perfect time to try out a pixie cut! Your hair will grow fast and healthy by eating right and not doing the habits that damaged your hair in the first place. So why not give a pixie cut a try!


pixie cut hair stylist doing a clients pixie haircut

You have an amazing stylist

There’s a lot of craftsmanship that goes into a pixie cut and not just any stylist can achieve the cut. Your stylist will need to understand how a pixie cut works, how to cut it for your hair type and the like. They’ll also need to give you a pixie cut that will flatter your face by bringing out your natural features. If you live or planning to visit the east coast of Florida, near Vero Beach, you would have to see a true pixie artist, Michele. You can see her work and contact information on Instagram @thisgirlmichele. We know of some fantastic hairstylists in different parts of the world so email us hello@voluflex.comDM on Instagram @voluflex or Facebook voluflex if you would like us to help you find one in your area!



long pixie cut hairstyle blonde looking to the side

Styling freedom

Pixie cuts require minimal styling, which makes them a no-fuss hairstyle worth getting! You can work in no-blow-dry cream and just tousle your hair and go. Or you can blow dry it for a minute using the Voluflex hairbrush for some volume, shaping and curving and you’re done!


How To Pick The Right Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is all about the style and there are a few different options when it comes to this kind of cut. If you have a round face, you’ll want something that frames your face and that adds volume at the top to reduce how round your face is. But if it’s square, it’s best if your stylist gives you a few fine pieces around your jaw so to soften its harsh angles. Oblong faces should wear a pixie cut that has a flatter crown and longer bangs to reduce the length of your face. While oval faces are lucky since any style pixie cut looks amazing on them! 


Pixie Hair Maintenance

A summer pixie cut is best. Not only will it keep you cool, but it’ll also give you an edge. But, keep in mind that you might need to go see your stylist every four weeks to keep the cut’s style, but that all depends on how fast your hair grows out. Just go back to see your stylist whenever your pixie cut starts to become bulky!


You can easily achieve these hairstyles with healthy hair volume using our Voluflex hairbrush.

Should you have any questions about your hair or how to do these hairstyles using our hairbrush, email us at hello@voluflex.com. Stay beautiful and have a volume full day!

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